Video marketing for legal services

We had the privilege to meet and film Dave Bowes – Team GB climber. Dave was the victim of an RTA when a car hit his motorbike. He sustained multiple brain injuries and in this video for Birchall Blackburn Law we see him return to Headway – a charity that helped him rebuild his life.

Be outstanding

In the super competitive world we live in, first impressions and the image you and your company portray is crucial to how you gain and maintain business. It’s never been more true that you only get one chance to make a first impression – so get the best graphic design, let us animate it, and be outstanding.

Eyefourdesign was created by graphic designer Lisa Gilliver, bringing 20 years of professional design and media experience helping companies integrate great design throughout their business.

Visuals are processed quicker in the brain.

We’ve been champions of the power of visual marketing for a long time.

Marketers who are embracing visual content are seeing huge returns in terms of readers, leads and customers. One great way of engagement is through hand drawn videos.


Hand drawn video versus talking head. Which packs the bigger punch?


Which packs a bigger punch? Talking heads or hand drawn videos. Research shows that hand drawn videos are more powerful than talking heads.  We have always persuaded companies to move away from simple talking heads – the content is simply not engaging enough on its own and benefits from the impact of cut-aways and hand drawn animations. Hand drawn content wipes the floor with talking heads for: likely hood of sharing, retention, understanding and effectiveness. Hand drawn animations are great for the “flow” of content marketing – they are quick and economical to put together. However, the real power comes through mixed media – using both techniques in the same video delivering truly content rich media.

Photo of the month January 2014


This months featured photo has been chosen by John Gibbons of Blunts Solicitors in Macclesfield. John’s caption is “I’m hungry!” How to freeze fast moving action is just one of the topics we cover in our workshops and masterclasses.